Missionworks Consulting works on a per project basis, and will design and individualize a proposal based on the unique needs of your organization. Because we know that you will likely have questions that cannot be answered by simply reading our website, we offer two opportunities to get to know us better.

  • Initial 20-30 minute phone consultation: Free of charge
  • 10-20 minute board presentation: Free of charge

Missionworks can provide services in a number of different areas, including advocacy programming, strategic planning, workplace volunteering and volunteer management.

The price of our signature service, a Legal Diagnostic, is noted below. A Legal Diagnostic will typically involve one face-to-face meeting of 60-90 minutes, follow up phone calls and a 3-4 page deliverable detailing recommendations for agency actions relative to legal issues.

The Legal Diagnostic will outline recommendations and best practices. If your organization would like assistance in making the recommendations a reality, we are there for you.

  • Legal Diagnostic: $500-$1000

Missionworks strives to take the mystique out of the consulting process, and views the experience as one of collaboration. Prior to the acceptance of a proposal, organizations are encouraged to become comfortable with the service delivery process through asking in depth questions and contacting former clients of Missionworks.