Legal issues crop up at every turn for nonprofits large and small alike. Is your nonprofit struggling with matters for which you can’t afford to hire a high-priced attorney? Or perhaps you have a lawyer on your board who knows little about the laws affecting nonprofit organizations? From volunteer policies to employment concerns, Missionworks will provide assistance to your organization through identifying and demystifying legal challenges. From startup assistance and filing your 1023 to developing appropriate policies to help your nonprofit run smoothly, Missionworks is the place to turn.

Advocacy/Public Policy Programming

An effective public policy agenda is critical to establishing a voice for your clients or cause. Missionworks will work with you to design a process that will effectively integrate your board, staff and volunteers. This could include working to improve efforts in the areas of legislative and lobbying work, media relations and coalition-building.

Workplace Volunteering

Strong businesses recognize the financial benefit in being good corporate citizens, and opportunities abound for employee service projects and volunteer events. Missionworks will design and manage volunteer projects for organizations of all sizes and ensure that businesses, their employees and nonprofits come out on top.

Volunteer Program Management

With an ever-increasing number of potential volunteers entering the marketplace, nonprofits need to find ways to harness the talent and time that is at their fingertips. Missionworks will create a unique roadmap for your organization to effectively engage just the right volunteers and enhance the overall service delivery of your agency.
Other Services

  • Assistance for programs that work with National Service volunteers
  • Program management and organizational development assistance
  • Strategic planning
  • Human resource management and review of policies and procedures
  • Special event coordination
  • Board development and training
  • Nonprofit incorporation assistance
  • Coalition-building and community partnership guidance