Johanna Garton is a seasoned and effective professional trainer and consultant. As a program director, trainer, consultant and university faculty member she brings a unique combination of training skills and practical experience in dealing with clients and customers. She is knowledgeable, self-confident, articulate and effective.
— Toya Nelson, Executive Director, Governor’s Commission on Community Service

Johanna has a rich background as an attorney and an administrator of nonprofits. She brings these skill sets to her consulting and is able to translate the difficult to understand world of legalese into a language that a board of directors can understand. Most importantly for us, as a small nonprofit, she helped prioritize areas we need to address immediately and others to address when we are able. Johanna’s services are a valuable option for small to mid-sized nonprofits to assess their legal responsibilities and take action towards resolving any issues.
—David Riggs, Board President, Climbing for Life

Johanna recently facilitated a board retreat for us, and was adept at pulling together our diverse group in a very short period of time. Her ability to reach each of our members was wonderful…she spoke in clear language and was able to move us forward in a capable and professional way. The results of the evening spent with her were well worth the investment, as we are now on the road to achieving bigger and better financial and organizational goals.
—Roz Duman, Founder, Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness and Action

As a new board member, Johanna has brought a fresh perspective to our organization. She is knowledgeable in areas such as legal issues and administrative needs and has helped our organization grow and set goals in new areas. She has become an integral part of the team easily and quickly. She is well organized and excellent at helping our organization move forward and expand.
—Kari Fillmore, Executive Director, Angel Covers

It was my pleasure to participate in a class taught by Johanna in Regis University’s Master of Nonprofit Management program. Her forethought and careful planning made it a superb learning experience. Johanna is one of the best organized people I have ever met, and organization is in so many ways the key to effectiveness.
— Eric Hübler, Copywriter, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Johanna took on the very difficult task of formally organizing a fledgling non-profit into a viable organization. She mobilized volunteers and found others willing to lend a hand. A full organization plan was presented, a board of directors was formed and the organization has been launched, all in the promised time frame.
— Bill Cameron, volunteer participant in strategic planning process